TO WORK FOR."




Peyton Holland is a dynamic young man with a passion for people, committed to reminding those around him of what it means to dream and achieve. He firmly believes that if you don’t dream, you don’t have anything to work for. Peyton is a big dreamer and not one to shy away from opportunity or hard work. Growing up in rural Chatham County, he learned what hard work meant at an early age. By the age of five, Peyton was helping out on the family farm. Before he finished middle school he was lugging slabs and learning the forestry business with his father. These activities instilled in him an unparalleled work ethic and a desire to learn that would carry over into every other aspect of his life.


As a high school student, Peyton found success in a variety of areas from student organizations to athletics. As an active SkillsUSA member he was a two time national champion, the North Carolina State President, and spoke with US Congressmen and the NC Board of Education on the importance of Career and Technical Education. Peyton was also fortunate enough to letter in three sports and to serve as the local president for five student organizations. In addition, he was also elected as the youngest Sunday School Superintendent in his church’s history.


By the age of 22, Peyton had graduated from the College of Management at North Carolina State University as Valedictorian and University Scholar. During his time at NC State he found a variety of ways to get involved from being elected as a SkillsUSA College/Postsecondary National Officer to serving as Chairman of the NCSU Student Media Board of Directors. Peyton also started a collegiate SkillsUSA chapter at NC State, lead a marketing campaign for the College of Management and served on SkillsUSA’s national strategic planning committee. He continued being an advocate for Career and Technical Education speaking with a number of congressional, educational, and business representatives including executives from Caterpillar, BOSCH, John Deere, State Farm, Sprint, General Motors, and more.


After graduation, Peyton worked briefly in corporate America before going to work for SkillsUSA North Carolina and pursuing two master’s degrees.  Now, after having traveled the world and lived abroad while pursuing his education, Peyton is following his dreams of impacting positive change in the lives of today’s youth and refocusing the attention of corporate and political America.  He currently serves as the Executive Director of SkillsUSA North Carolina.  He also runs his own leadership and professional development company through which he travels the country inspiring and motivating audiences to go after their dreams with direction and focus.


With a host of experiences ranging from education and student organizations to industry and the farm, Peyton brings a wide range of knowledge and applicable expertise to a variety of situations. Peyton delivers every message and workshop in a unique and refreshing way, relating his life lessons with a dash of humor and some southern hospitality that guarantees an enriching experience for any age level. If you are looking for dedication, commitment, and passion; if you are looking to inspire your audience to not only dream but to achieve, you are looking for Peyton Holland.

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